E1M4 – Security Control

An empty version of E1M4 from my Doom 1 Episode 1 remake.

Knee Deep Again was my first foray into serious level design. It was made in Doombuilder 2 and is vanilla-compatible (it runs on the original software).

The aim was to remake Doom Episode 1 but offer remixed versions of the most iconic moments (ie, the stuff I remembered from playing when I was a kid). Level roster is as follows:

E1M1 : Spaceport
E1M2 : Nukage Tunnels
E1M3 : Processing Facility
E1M9 (Secret) : Excavation Site
E1M4 : Security Control
E1M5 : Specimen Lab
E1M6 : Silo Complex

There’s no E1M7 or E1M8 as of yet. I’d like to finish the whole episode but I’ve since started learning some advanced gzDoom tricks and DECORATE functions, and want to finish a project using some of those.

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