Chasm: The Add-on

Just a little extra to the Chasm review.

If you’ve followed the download link in the previous post, you’ll have access to the special 3 level download for Chasm. This was originally put up by the dev team after release along with some patches.

They’re pretty good, with more varied and ambitious environments, a wide variety of enemies, and nice open areas and wide corridors. They’ve clearly grown as level designers but there’s still some niggling flaws.

Some of the level design is obscure – level 1 requires you to find a secret corridor entrance hidden behind the trees in the start area. Some of the monster placement needs work – the designer seems too fond of putting the alien commander enemy behind doors which causes bullshit unavoidable health loss. However, level 2 is definitely some of the best level design in the entire game.

They’re going for a Quake-style Lovecraftian look, but it’s merged with dark industrial technology. Mix that with the eclectic mix of mutants, soldiers and undead found inside, and the mutant wizard boss at the end, I can’t help but think of my Mutant Chronicles campaign. It feels a lot like I’m storming a Dark Legion Citadel to fight Valpurgis.

So that’s cool. It’s worth playing the add-on after you finish the game.

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