Doom Mod: Call of Doom

I’m currently playing through some Call of Doom. It’s a Doom mod by Arrowood (possibly the only Japanese person alive who likes both Call of Duty and Doom*) and it’s great fun. Sadly the coding is all over the place. This isn’t entirely the author’s fault as CODoom requires Brutal Doom** to run.

Both of those mods have seen a lot of development since I last played them. Unfortunately, changes to both mods and GZDoom are making it harder to play the most up-to-date versions. I wish both mod creators would just focus on making optimized, error-free versions of their works which only require one file placed into the launcher.

Oh well. Call of Doom is good fun all the same. It has ear ruining sound effects, requires about six mods in a specific load order, and it runs like ass, but it’s still able to give a visceral thrill every time you blast an imp to pieces from across the room. You have to respect that.

* There must be other Japanese FPS fans given that JPCP.wad is a thing, but the possibility exists that they’re all just Arrowood wearing several different combinations of hats and false beards.

** A legendary mod whose code perfectly resembles an enormous plate of spaghetti.

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