Everyone Loves Flying Stealth Archviles

Last year I made a Lovecraftian Doom mod to help me figure out how mods are made, and one thing I did then was turn Realm 667′s Flesh Wizard into an alternative Archvile.

I’ve now combined some of that Decorate code with Hexenmapper’s raisable Heretic monsters and made a very fast monster with a decent amount of hit points that resurrects fallen foes, turns invisible, and throws out low damage fireballs. He also has a high pain chance.

In the test encounter he wasn’t able to escape concentrated fire from a rapid fire weapon, but he’s much harder to catch in an open arena with other monsters around. He’s scary but not very dangerous by himself.

So let me know what you think about the FLYING STEALTH ARCHVILE

Quake: Dissolution of Eternity (Revisit)

1,000,000 hours in MS Paint

It’s time to play Quake’s second expansion.

It dives into the action faster than Scourge. There’s no warm-up techbase to get you started. You’re thrown straight into one of two episodes: a mainly medieval fortress, or a time travel themed episode. Episode 2 is the more interesting of the two, with a much greater diversity of levels offered by its’ theme.

Monster placement is suspect: shamblers in clear rooms, fiends in tight corridors, and ‘let’s spawn a scrag in front of that wind tunnel just as you jump in, so you fall into the lava and die’). The new weapons are minimum effort re-skins and lack oomph but they do make combat feel faster and more exciting.

The new monsters are introduced slowly. Some of the design choices strike me as baffling.

Who thought it was a good idea to make a Spawn the same colour as the wall textures?

I wish I could just click my fingers…

Dissolution is marred by designs like that. Slip ups that make some sections far more frustrating than they should be.

Quake: Scourge of Armagon (Revisit)

Well-coordinated and heavily armed group of eldritch abominations beaten by a ranger with the genre’s weakest shotgun and a grenade launcher with 14 foot max range.

This morning I finished my Scourge of Armagon run.

Scourge of Armagon is good fun and worth playing after finishing the ‘main’ campaign of Quake, but I don’t think it was worth full asking price. The new ideas are forgettable and (most) of the levels indistinct. I like the idea of Ranger (and possibly his homeworld?) continuing the war against ‘Quake’ which now seems to be the codename for all the Lovecraftian entities that want to attack Earth.

Scourge doesn’t seem to have had a lasting impact on Quake multiplayer, and its’ new features and weapons aren’t found in later Quake mods. It has this feeling of not being ‘canon’ as it introduced nothing iconic, and I doubt Id Software will ever care to reference it.

It’s just a new set of levels with a couple of new weapons, some new power-ups and a very small amount of new enemies. The new laser gun is great, and much preferred over the charge-eating lightning gun, while mjölnir went largely unused.

It starts fairly strong but the levels started to feel bland by the halfway point. They’re all fairly well put together but progression feels disjointed, even for Quake. Armagon having 0 personality and impact certainly doesn’t help things. He’s just an enemy fought in the last level (even Shub had some text at the end of each episode). There’s no sense of an evil plan, no feeling that you’ve invaded his home. The boss fight against Armagon himself is pretty lame; I had him dead in about half a minute.

The later levels feel samey. There is a noticeable overuse of Vores – while it is nice that the designers wanted to escalate Quake’s challenge, the lack of a new high-tier monster on the level of the Shambler / Vore hurts the encounters.

Scourge of Armagon is a competently put together expansion pack, but it is just a retreading. Good but forgettable. More Quake is always nice though.

Time for Dissolution of Eternity. Widely said to be the inferior expansion but which seems to get remembered more.

Doom: Halloween.wad

The Halloween level was never publicly released, so here it is.

It’s been a busy few months. Wish I could say I spent all of it making levels but no. I’d love to make another one tied to this. It was a good learning experience.

Halloween.wad, by Rolo

The map is built in Boom format but uses decorate to replace a monster, so you’ll need a source port that can support that. I used GZ Doom.

Ion Maiden Reveal Trailer

After Bombshell had a, uh, lackluster debut, the planned quirky tie-in promo minigame expanded in scope to become a full-fledged actual game, bringing along the developers of eDuke32 and several prominent Doom sprite artists (such as Cage and HDoomguy) to turn it into a bigger project.

Has launched in Early Access with a “preview campaign” spanning five-ish maps.

A Little More DUSK Episode 2


I finished Dusk episode 2. It has a bleak, oppressive atmosphere. That, plus the sense of reality breaking down made Dusk Ep 2 really great to play. At the same time though I’m in no hurry to replay it. All those wendigos, crying cyborgs, and Lovecraftian machinery fueled by corpses.

The second to last level was great, but the final level really could have done with more as it doesn’t deliver the payoff promised by the previous two levels.

In an ideal world Dusk would only be an average game in a sea of great shooters. Even then I’d still recommend it.