STRAFE: Millennium Edition

I knew how Strafe was going to turn out. I read the dev updates. I saw it coming. Strafe was more or less unplayable on my laptop but even then I knew I didn’t miss anything. What a waste.

The devs have since given it a massive much needed overhaul called ‘Millennium Edition’ and I gave it a go.

What is new? New room layouts (especially for the first zone, which is the blandest and worst designed environment in the game), loads of new monsters, new gun sounds, and performance optimization.

I had fun.

This might be because I’ve been cleaning black mold from a dank cellar all day.

There’s still balance issues. The AI still doesn’t feel quite right. The shotgun’s grenade upgrade is still a straight downgrade. Loot still feels too expensive. Armour is far too expensive for what you get. The jellyfish vents are still shit. It takes too long to get back into the game after dying.

I played it for half an hour, which is longer than I could stand to play the original. I enjoyed it and I’m going to play it again. I like the new layouts, monsters and weapon tweaks. If you’ve already bought Strafe you should try it.

I can’t recommend it to new players though. Maybe after the next overhaul.

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