Warzone: Abridged

Warzone Abridged is getting an update!

Warzone was a miniatures game made by Target Games in the mid-90s. The Warzone / Mutant Chronicles IP is currently owned by Paradox Entertainment. Warzone Abridged is a fan-made rewrite of Warzone 1st Edition updated for the latest fluff in the Modiphius RPG.

Using what I’ve learnt writing FRAG, Warzone Abridged is getting cleaned up and made to look a little nicer. I’ve even added the Nephrite Games tag to it


Warzone Abridged (2018)

Warzone Abridged is a homebrew tabletop project that takes Warzone 1st Edition as a base but removes the more cumbersome rules and streamlines it.

It also adds all of the new material from the Modiphius Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG, including the Russian flavoured Whitestar faction into the wargame for the first time. It also vastly expands the amount of spells and creatures in the game.

The core rules themselves are about 20 A4 pages, and the entire document with full army lists for each faction come to 135 pages. They will soon be available for free online

Siege of the Citadel

Rotten mutants and hideous undead poured in from all directions. The Brotherhood were deep inside the Citadel. Warriors all, led by a powerful Keeper of the Art. Each wore the armoured suits and flowing robes of the Church’s elite operatives.

“Detonate!” barked Keeper Septima.

The Brotherhood trooper nodded, pressed his detonator, and all around the unholy base corridors exploded into crimson-tinged fire. The attacking Blessed Legionnaires appeared to flinch at the sound, not in surprise or fear, knew Septima, but as their dark master sent new instructions.

It didn’t matter what the master sent – the blasphemous mutants were swiftly cut down. Keeper Septima was a whirlwind of death, her castigator spear cutting down the horde in seconds. Every time the diseased faces of the Blessed twisted into a grateful smile just before they expired.

“Enough!” came a grating demonic scream.

The last doorway was wide open, and there stood Demnogonis’ Overlord with her elite guard of necromantic curators. Tall, proud, and overflowing with putrid evil.