Doom: High Noon Drifter

High Noon Drifter is a GZDoom weaponset where you play as a gunslinger that’s stuck around for a little longer than the end of the wild west era. The weapons and overall tone is relatively low-tech, complimenting more natural-style mapsets for roaming around castles, ruins, and other assorted gothic setpieces. You make use of some ordinary guns that any joe could scrounge up, a handful of antiquated pieces, and a couple dark artifacts in a quest to dispense frontier justice to an ethereal threat.

If you’ve been craving a “Weird West” sort of weaponset, or even more of an adventurer-type rather than a soldier using military tech, hopefully this’ll be up your alley.”

I finally got round to playing High Noon Drifter for Doom. Cowboys are awesome so it stands to reason that a weird west cowboy mod should kick a lot of ass.

I initially loaded it up with Strange Aeons (hoping to emulate the creator’s very cool gameplay footage) but at first the mod didn’t gel for me. Maybe it was just that some SA weapons like the crossbow and AK47 remained in the game, or maybe it was just the need to get used to the quirks of the new items, but I just didn’t get into it (I’ve since learned that a compatibility patch is needed for Strange Aeons).

I then tried it with JCPC, the Japanese Community Project, and that time it turned out quite awesomely. I had a lot of fun and will be going back to it later today. The weapons feel good to use, but the movement is where it’s at. It’s pretty satisfying to slide all over the place and let loose with dual SMGs or a quad-coach gun. I’m already a third of the way through JCPC and I think that High Noon + JCPC is going to be one of those really memorable playthroughs, like my D4D + Scythe game.

High Noon Drifter is one of, or maybe the first, Zscript enabled gameplay mods for Doom. This allows it to  do some extra cool stuff not usually possible in existing modding languages for Doom. It also makes HND a gzdoom only mod for the foreseeable future. So what has this incredible scripting potential been used for? Well, in High Noon Drifter, the power and potential of Zscript has been used to let you take off and throw your hat at enemies. Yes. It really has that TerminusEst feel to it.

Of course there’s other Zscript shennigans going on – you can also throw a boomerang to pull items to you and use a cursed skull to transform into a giant fire-breathing demon waifu. Very fitting for JCPC.

Basically, after some initial stumbling, High Noon Drifter turned out to be pretty satisfying to play.

Forum topic and download are here.

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