FRAG: Poor Bloody Infantry

I wrote part of a new army list for FRAG, the Earth Defence Force, but ended up shelving it.

Intended to represent the generic soldiers who are inevitably slaughtered before a game begins, they were meant for the sort of people who love playing the Imperial Guard in 40k. The poor bloody infantry, outmatched but determined that the superhuman invaders can piss right off.

At first I wrote some Duke3D inspired gimmick special weapons for them but decided that it didn’t really fit the theme of bloody minded cannon fodder. The second idea, having them plant lots of debuffs on enemies before going in for the kill, also proved to be too much paperwork that just didn’t gel with the fast and fluid nature of the rules. Finally, just giving them a generic equipment list so that anyone can use their generic sci-fi miniatures proved boring and conflicted with the fluff of the space marines (who get way cooler stuff).

Whilst I could have fixed these things, in the end I moved the EDF work into the “Cut Content” section of the rulebook where they’ll probably stay.

I love the idea of basic humans fighting back these superhuman opponents, but if you want basic soldiers struggling to move and fire heavy weapons, just take a New Order army full of basic soldiers.

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