FRAG Update

I’m still writing a miniatures game. In fact all of the actual rules are in place, I just need to finalize the vehicle rules and the stuff that’s going in the ‘expansion pack’. Everything after that is balance tweaks and points cost adjustments.
FRAG is a tabletop battle game that adapts 90s FPS games into a nominally 28mm (actually scale neutral) mass combat system where armies of combatants clash in huge engagements.

Let’s have a look at how the factions of FRAG have turned out:

The Lost Battalion – An army of dimension jumping bad asses founded by the damned survivors of a Hellish incursion. Elite troops, very mobile, devastating heavy weapons.

Hell – The baddies from Doom. More demons inspired by other sources will appear in the expansion. Large hordes, strong characters, lots of spells. Character have a lot of options with bionics, spells, and hellish upgrades.

The Sidhe – A non-human race of mystical adventurers and knightly orders, dedicated to fighting demons. Hard to pin down in melee and able to use a variety of sneaky gadgets (including a Tome of Power analogue).

The New Order – Regular humans that fight alongside super-science and necromancy. They come from an alternate reality where European fascists made a pact with “the endless dark”. Weak regular troops but powerful special options.Nazi zombies are DLC only, sorry.

Earth Defense Force – Earth is backwards and repressive compared to the newly independent colonies, but it outnumbers them millions to one. The EDF are the people in charge of keeping it safe. They need to carefully deploy heavy weapon teams to get the most out of their firepower.

SHAMAN – A rogue AI turned bio-mechanical horror. Mixture of System Shock / Quake 2 influence. Most SHAMAN troops have a chance to self-resurrect. Can take special packs of screaming Kamikaze.

Personalities – Various ‘hero’ characters for use with certain armies.
Various characters based on popular mods like High Noon Drifter and Project MSX, also Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D, DUSK, Chasm: The Rift, the Doom movie, Doom 4 and Id Software’s D&D campaign.

Currently working on
 – Vehicle Rules
 – Better scenario rules (optional rolling for mission types, not just extermination missions)
 – More equipment (weird rocket weapons for the New Order, better artillery and air strike rules for the EDF)
– More Personalities
Indoors skirmish system (working prototype)

Stuff being considered
  – Whether to add more elite units to the Sidhe and SHAMAN lists
  – Mini-Factions and sub-factions like Kage Corp (corporate samurai!), the Church of the Old Blood (cultists!), the Colonial Union (the high tech space humans), and a skeleton themed Hell faction
 – Balance issues
 – Rules readability

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