FRAG: Vehicle 3D Prints

More pieces printed for FRAG in flesh and marble flavored PLA. Today’s focus was vehicles for the New Order faction. These will be the last 3D prints for a while as I’m going to be doing some serious maintenance on the printer.

Yes, that is a model rip of the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon in the background. The other miniatures are a Wolfenstein TNO halftrack, Opel Blitz, and a German Panzer IV tank. The death ray thing is based on Konflikt 47. I was originally going to mount it on the Panzer IV but I printed it too large, so it’ll have to be a static weapon with a gun crew.

Everything printed for 28mm gaming. Printer is an Ender 3, with a (slightly warped) 0.4mm brass nozzle.

3D Printing: HISS Tank

Another project fresh off the printer!

This one has nothing to do with FRAG but another rule book I wrote a few years ago called Cartoon Combat, for a friend who loves old cartoons like GI Joe.

Pictured: a 28mm scale HISS tank (from GI Joe) printed on my Ender after some belt tightening and Cura work. As you can see, it’s a huge improvement over my attempted MOBATs (the tanks in the bottom pic).

The HISS hasn’t had any sanding work or acetone work done to it. The MOBAT’s have, and they’re probably going to get thrown out and replaced by a better print.

My 3D Printer Has Arrived

My 3D printer has arrived! It’s a Creality Ender 3. I’ve installed an aluminium extruder (replacing the default plastic extruder, which tends to wear or break) but otherwise the printer is a standard stock printer.

After assembling it and checking the build was correct, I made a center piece model for my demon army (28mm figure for scale).

This Cyberdemon is from Thingiverse and printed in 13 separate parts, using a modified SiePie miniature printing profile. It’s also made from an environmentally friendly bio-plastic.