Critical Mass and Command & Conquer

15mm gaming has become increasing popular at my local club, with games like Flames of War and Team Yankee being especially popular. But I am a weirdo who likes to explore obscure rulesets and create my own games where I can.

I also have a resin 3d printer. This combined birthed a nice little mini-project.

The current total is 9 Abrams (the basis for Command and Conquer’s medium tank) , 2 Mammoth tanks, 3 stealth tanks, 2 flame tanks, some prototype M24 Chaffee (the basis for Red Alert and Command and Conquer’s light tank sprite). I’ve also made a massive set of Tiberium terrain and spore towers. It’s been very difficult getting some of this to print but I’ve relished the challenge.

I would like to restate that this is a mini-project. I am doing a quick army list book for the Critical Mass rules with no major changes. Along I was mulling a mass battle 6mm to 15mm sci-fi game after FRAG, I don’t want to let this district me from FRAG anymore than it has.

Warhammer 40k 15mm: Tusculum Nova Winter Infantry

Next to a 15mm Battle Robots from The Scene

Look what arrived today! Some 15mm riflemen from the gothic far-future.

These guardsmen are “Tusculum Nova winter infantry“ from Troublemaker games. I’m new to 15mm, but these are some of the most cleanly detailed sculpts I’ve seen in this scale! Looking at the close up shot you could be forgiven for thinking it was 28mm scale. The pictures are the miniatures straight out of the bag with no clean up or snipping. All things considered, not unreasonable amounts of flash and in easy to snip locations.

They’re 15mm from boot to eye, ~17mm to the top of the helmet, and scale excellently with both my Slap Miniatures space knights and my battle robots from The Scene. I have a simplified d6 game that functions as a 40k heartbreaker, and I’ll be using these guys for it.