Crusty Contrast Experiment

Lately I’ve been really enjoying 15mm. I have assembled a lot of sci-fi in that scale recently and I have Darghaur (sold by Ground Zero Games) and some Critical Mass Protolene (sold by Ral Partha Europe) finished. The Crusties are another alien race to add to the pile. The difference this time is that instead of a platoon I have a whole company to paint.

I bought some contrast paints to experiment with, and tried them out on some 15mm Crusties from Ground Zero Games. I sprayed them white, painted them with GW’s yellow contrast paint, and painted the guns and leather straps. Finally, I gave them a simple brown wash.

The results are… passable. They took mere minutes to paint, and I have 80+ more of these to to complete so it looks like the method I’ll be going with.

Ground Zero Games are excellent by the way. Definitely recommend them if you want to try 15mm.

Amid Evil

On 20th June, Amid Evil left early access. I’ve owned it for a while, but not played past Episode 4 (of 7).

I have really enjoyed my time playing Amid Evil, but it hasn’t grabbed me as hard as DUSK did. Something about the combat in DUSK feels more polished, and I find the pseudo-realistic level design and atmosphere a little more immersive.

However, it’s still a great retro-FPS throwback. Seven episodes with four levels each, with gameplay that is reminiscent of Heretic. Some of the level design looks absolutely gorgeous, and the designer clearly had fun making crazy patterns in the level editor.

I think Amid Evil is a worth looking at.

The trailer is here:


Welcome to the Nephrite Blog

Nephrite Games is ran by Rolo, a guy who enjoys tabletop and classic computer games. This blog is mainly about my own personal projects, but I also post information about upcoming wargaming releases and news from within the retro-gaming community.

Current Major Project: FRAG
FRAG is a tabletop battle game in a dark universe inspired by 90s first person shooters. The latest version is available here.

Other recent projects
Warzone Abridged (Rewrite of Warzone tabletop game)
Warzone Abridged: End of Days (Expansion Book for Warzone)
Tomorrow’s War Army List Booklet (Army list booklet for Tomorrow’s War)

I’ve temporarily disabled my Patreon – I have been extremely busy at work this year and can’t guarantee regular updates during the current situation. Feedback and tips are still very much appreciated.

Always Bet on Duke 3D

I spent a few hours writing up a detailed analysis of this game but I think it’s way better if I just say this is what I’ve been playing lately.

Despite some baffling monster placement in later levels and hitscan heavy gameplay at odds with modern Duke’s macho image, D3D’s mechanics remain solid and the huge arsenal of weapons is just as satisfying today as it was twenty years ago.

Sick Day

I’ve been sick today, but that gave me time to be a manchild and have some guilt-free hobby time.

Things I did:
– Played High Noon Drifter + Doom 2 Japanese Community Pack
– Worked on my Quake-themed megawad for Doom, recording some bugs and just generally realizing how messed up the lighting is in the latest gzdoom engine. Lots to update.
 – Rewrote parts of FRAG, fixing typos, tweaking army lists, added some hero characters, changed up the action economy.

This activity might not have been the best idea, as it left me feeling pretty queasy. I’ll be napping the rest of the day I think.