Blood: Fresh Supply

Night Dive’s Blood remaster is out. It’s pretty good. It has the full game, cutscenes, all the music, both add-on episodes, and modern day graphics options.

The most important thing, and the reason I’m posting this as an update, is because Night Dive are offering Steam users with a copy of Blood a 50% discount on Fresh Supply, which lowers the cost to a couple of beers.

As a package, if you already have Blood it isn’t much different to running Bloodgdx or Nblood. It is nice to have everything in one place though.

If you’re new to Blood, this is the best way to start playing it. All the files in one place, modern options, and some nice quality of life improvements such as power up timers and easy-to-use custom difficulty (Blood is amazing with hard-mode numbers of monsters but medium or easy-mode aggression/damage).


February Painting

More miniatures.

Doomguy is from Klukva Miniatures. Very clean resin casting, quite easy to paint.

The two ‘Elite Guard’ Nazi ladies are from Thrilling Tales’ She-Wolf characters pack. The models had a lot of flash but they’re old school in design and quite fun to paint.

Caleb and Corzo are from Wargames Foundry and their cowboy line – one of the only lines that has a cowboy wearing a poncho. There are plenty of good Calebs out there, but they’re all part of bundles, and none of those bundles have a passable Corzo in them.


“Now that I’ve played Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, there’s only one of the Big Three build engine games left to try.”

“Hmm… I’ve finished D3D and SW on hard, so I’d better put this on the ‘Well Done’ difficulty.”


Blood is kicking my ass.

The difficulties were made with co-op in mind. If you’re an FPS veteran, play it on the middle skill. If you’re a little less sure, play it on one of the two skills at the top. No shame. Blood on medium and higher is brutally hard, but it’s also one of the greatest FPS games ever made.

Everything about it is masterfully done. There’s so many barely-noticeable bits of ‘game feel’ that make the combat fluid and satisfying. Highly recommended.