Stuff I’ve Been Painting

 – Nazi Supersoldier on the left is from Dust Tactics, a convention exclusive so I’m told. Dust fans pls don’t REEE at me for ripping him off his exclusive base. I’m not sure how to use him in Konflikt 47 but in FRAG he’ll be an Uber-Mutant personality.

 – YOU HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD is a Warzone Capitol Airborne Ranger with the shoulder logos filed off.

Waffen-SS Officer is made by Warlord Games. He’s wearing a late war spring pattern jacket over a dark grey uniform. He will be seeing use in Bolt Action, Konflikt 47 and FRAG as a platoon leader.

 – Nayla Erdogan is a former New Ottoman officer turned mercenary star ship officer (actually it’s a figure from the Infinity RPG miniatures range, but a buddy mentioned that it looked like one of his characters from a space setting he’s been talking about).

Ranger was tricky and I made a lot of mistakes. Getting the yellow right was hard. Quake Champions has such muddy colours most yellow paint is too bright. After an attempt at mixing darker yellows and dry brushing the breastplate I had to go back and give him a dark ink wash around the curves of the armour. The shoulder pads also didn’t look right when I tried to give them a worn metallic edge; I guess my mind sees reddish brown and just thinks ‘leather’.

He was also supposed be holding the dire orb but I was halfway through priming him before I noticed that I forgot to green stuff his hand. I really can’t explain how that happened.

Painting Germans for Bolt Action / Konflikt 47 / FRAG

I started a Bolt Action & Konflikt 47 army on the weekend and the first models are coming off the assembly line. I’ll be running mechanized Waffen-SS with veteran troops and SdKz251′s for everybody.Konflikt 47 is Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin’s “Weird War” gaming system descended from their historical WW2 game Bolt Action. The non-weird stuff doubles as a fairly effective late war historical army.

Of course since FRAG includes a faction inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad, these gents will also be great for testing out the team weapon rules.