Tomorrow’s War: DOOM

An army list I wrote for use in Tomorrow’s War. If you’ve bought a box of Maelstrom’s Edge, this’ll let you use the Epirian models (hopefully converted!) as Doom marines.

I nearly wrote accompanying rules for demons, but I started work on FRAG and have concentrated on that. Please note that these rules haven’t actually been tested on a table yet

United States Space Marine Corps (Doom Marines) Platoon
Troop Quality: d10-d12
Morale: d12
Confidence: High
Tech Level 2+
Armour: Light (1d)
Supply Level: Abundant

Special Qualities: Close Combat Monsters, Hard-to-Kill (d6), Old School, Pain Resistant

 Platoon Organisation
           1 Command Squad (5 marines)
                       x2 Engineer (breaching tools, drone interface, communications equipment)

           1-3 Marine Squad (10 marines)
                       Squad Leader
                       Support weapon user
                       x2 Fireteam
                                   Fireteam leader
                                   Support weapon user
                                   x2 Marine

Marines are armed with battle rifles and pistols. Squad leaders may use pistols or shotguns. Support weapon users may equip chainguns, rocket launchers, plasma rifles, or the fearsome BFG 9000.

The command squad may split and join other squads.

One marine per fireteam may add an underslung grenade launcher to their battle rifle, giving +1FP dice per attack.

: May upgrade the command squad to defence 2d.
: By default the Lt and and ‘Sarge’ are TQ d12. Up to 3 non-command staff may also be upgraded to TQ d12; these units may equip non-standard equipment such as shotguns, super shotguns and/or chainsaws.

Pistol (TL2 TST pistol, AP1)
Battle Rifle (TL2 TST rifle, AP1)
Shotgun (TL2 TST shotgun, AP1)
Super Shotgun (TL2, TST shotgun, AP2, cannot attack outside of  Optimum Range)
Chaingun (TL2, medium support weapon, AP3 / AT 1 (L),  Intimidating)
Rocket Launcher (TL2, medium support weapon, AP3 / AT 2 (M),  Intimidating)
Plasma Rifle (TL3, ESW, light support weapon, AP2 / AT 2 (L),  Intimidating)
BFG 9000 (TL3 ESW, heavy support weapon, AP4 / AT 3 (M),  Intimidating)
Chainsaw (TL2 close combat weapon +1d)

Support Drones (non-canon)
All drones are controlled by marine engineers who operate them remotely via their command uplinks.

If left without a controller marine drones will enter sentry mode. Nearby marines can ‘claim’ uncontrolled drones by entering base contact with them. The drone will then join the marine fireteam as an escort, adding to team firepower.

Marine engineers with command uplinks can activate them remotely from anywhere on the board. The engineer and his bots benefit from the grid.

Spider Drone – TL2 dumb bot. (TQ d8 unless controlled)

Heli Drone – TL2 dumb bot, ignores terrain due to hover movement (TQ d8 unless controlled)

Light Warmech – TL2 smart bot (TQ d8, fixed morale d10)

Heavy Warmech – TL2 smart bot (TQ d8, fixed morale d10)

Heavy Warmechs count as Power Armour in addition to being a smart bot. This adds the following rules to the usual smart bot rules:

Intimidating to non-power armoured troopers.
Enhanced strength (count all weapons as one class lower than usual for movement)
Possesses close combat weapon
Close Assault Monster
Contributes a full initiative dice as if an armoured vehicle

Drone Wargear
Drone support gun (TL2, TST, AP2)
Light Mech Rail Rifle (TL2, ABW, light support weapon, AP2, AT2 [L])
Light Mech Flamethrower (TL2, flame-thrower)
Heavy Mech MMG (TL2, TST, medium support weapon, AP2)
Heavy Mech Autocannon (TL2, TST, medium support weapon, AP2 AT2 [L])
Heavy Mech Energy Cannon (TL3, ESW, medium support weapon, AP3, AP2[M])
Heavy Mech Shoulder rockets (TL2, medium support weapon, AP3, AT3[M])
Heavy Mech Shoulder multi-missiles (TL2, light support weapon, AP3, AT2[L])

Energy Support Weapon Rules:
Team Firing: Ignore 1d of infantry target’s armour or cover.
Split Fire / Weapon Team Effects: +1FP, -1 to reaction tests (all), ignore 1d of target armour/cover (TL2+), ignore a additional die of target cover / armour (TL3)

Personality – The Doom Slayer (Doom 4)
d12/d12, high confidence, armour 3d (TL3), abundant supply

Special Qualities: Advanced Life Support, Close Combat Monster, Dreadful, Hard-to-Kill (d8), Intimidating, Jump Infantry, Pain Resistant, Old School

TL3 Power Armour: Intimidating to non-power armoured troopers, enhanced strength (count all weapons as one class lower than usual for movement), close combat weapons, contributes a full initiative dice as if an armoured vehicle.

Counts as a two model team in close combat (for the purposes of determining outnumbering and close combat attacks). Since the Doom Slayer counts as a two model team armed with close combat weapons and possessing the Close Combat Monster quality, he rolls 5d12 in close combat.

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