FRAG Intro

You get the phone call at 3AM. It’s not like you were planning on sleeping tonight anyway. By 5AM you’re sat in an EDF bunker trying to look attentive. The commander gives a full briefing, but you’re not interested in the fine details.

“…Intel across the world shows energy signatures perfectly matching the Unity research programme…”

Unity. A joint effort by Earth and Mars to perfect faster-than-light travel, which ended in a complete disaster. Both planets pointed fingers at the other and neither one would say what had happened to the missing stations.

“An unknown enemy is using Unity teleports to insert kill teams into Council signal stations. The hell of it is we have no idea what they even are. They’re not from Earth, but another dimension.”

It sounds unbelievable, but you’ve seen stranger things on assignment. You take another cigar and try to look like you’re paying attention.

Half an hour later you’re on a helicopter en route to one of the assaulted stations, and that’s when Armageddon happens. The radio begins to speak in tongues and light bursts from the ground far below. Something glowing and pissed-off hits the canopy and the pilot screams. Damn, these bad guys work fast.

The transport erupts into flame and tumbles out of the sky. When you regain consciousness, you can hear screams all around you. A city is burning red in the distance and it doesn’t look like there’s anyone left who can stop it.

You’ve only got a pistol but it’ll be enough.

Somebody’s gonna pay for shooting up your ride.

Above is parody of the Quake intro story that I put into the FRAG rulebook.

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