List of Current Projects

The updates to this blog are hardly thick and fast nowadays. Unfortunately, that’s due to two issues: (1) a promotion at work and (2) being a key worker during a global pandemic. The overtime has been particularly extreme over the summer.

However, I’ve still been working on things (even if progress hasn’t been great, as I only have a couple hours each evening at best). Here’s what’s in the pipeline:


  • I’ve cleaned up Warzone Abridged, rewriting some rules to be easier to understand, adding rules for terrain (using material from Warzone 1st Edition, Warzone 2nd Edition, Dark Eden and Chronopia) and am currently in the process of combining it with the expansion book End of Days. This new edition is unimaginatively titled Warzone Abridged V2. The new rules are all written, but considerable layout work is needed on the combined army lists.
  • Frag has been tweaked and tidied up, and Episode 2 is almost done. Some layout work is needed, fluff pieces need to be written, and the extensive unique character chapter needs another balance check. Rather than releasing episodes, I am considering merging the two books similar to Warzone Abridged V2.
  • I’ve adapted Frag into a fantasy warband game, similar to Age of Sigmar or Chronopia, but only as a proof of concept. The core rules and an extensive elf army list have been finished, and no further work is planned for the near future. I’ll put up an upload of this soon.


  • I’ve finished the groundwork for a Heretic megawad / mod. There’s been plenty of modifications to the base game (weapon replacements, new enemies, item replacements, item re-balancing, new power-ups, new special effects, etc…) and the next step is to start creating some impressive levels to go with all the changes.

3D printing and Miniatures

  • I have two 3D printers, a resin (Elegoo Mars) and an FDM (Ender 3) which I’m using to print miniatures and terrain.
  • I am switching over to 15mm scale figures for most of my gaming projects, and I have a couple new 15mm platoons fully painted. I’ve had very positive experiences with several 15mm manufacturers, particularly Ground Zero Games and Brigade Models.

In addition to the above, I’ve continued collecting rulebooks and reading up on new developments in the Doom, 3d printing and tabletop communities.

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