Quake’s Vore in Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition

I run Mutant Chronicles tabletop campaign. Sometimes I write things for it. Sometimes I make new monsters for it. About six months ago I replayed Quake 1 for the first time in years, and a new threat for my players was born.

Vorare (Elite)
A tri-legged spideresque horror. Drawn from arcane dimensions, they are parasites that feed on raw Dark Symmetry flowing from enslaved universes– though some inhabitants of those haunted realms claim they are birthed from the Empress of the Void herself. They are sometimes summoned by the greatest scholars of the Dark Symmetry to serve as eldritch guardians.

Strength: 15 (+1)
Physique: 16 (+2)
Agility: 6
Awareness: 12 (+1)
Coordination: 10
Intelligence: 10 (+1)
Mental Strength: 14 (+2)
Personality: 6

Damage Reduction (Corrupt Flesh) (All 2)
Wounds: 8

Dark Presence
Fear (2)
Night Vision
Slave to Symmetry (1)

Combat: 2/2
Fortitude: 2/2
Movement: 1/0
Senses: 2/2
Social: 0/0
Technical: 0/0

Special Attack:
Symmetry Sphere (Medium range; 3+6d, Corrupted)

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