I said I’d release something so here’s the first public alpha of FRAG.

Click to access Frag+Rules+0+9a0818.pdf

FRAG is a really fast and simple tabletop game where small squads beat the hell out of each other in a video-game inspired universe. There’s plenty of silly references and it’s just been a huge amount of fun working on this.

FRAG:SHAREWARE EDITION is a fifty-five page rulebook containing 15 pages of core rules and the rest being split across the five major factions.

The SHAREWARE EDITION is my ‘fun hobby project’, intended as a free release by an FPS fanboy who wants his work to be enjoyed by fellow enthusiasts. This public release is the first step to fleshing out this love-letter wargame.

I expect these rules to change quite a lot based on feedback. Points values especially are not final and some of the major factions will get expanded on later.

There’s lots of new content coming in the future too, with EPISODE 2: THE NEW TECHNOLOGY has vehicles, new units, relics, four new factions and a ridiculously huge amount of special characters. Most of these are at a near-finished state, with just a few missing (relics, unit profiles for specific vehicles, and the Martian army list).

So have fun everyone!

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