New FRAG Core Rules & Episode 2 Are Here

It’s time for a big FRAG announcement: Episode 2 is officially released along with an updated version of the core rules.

FRAG 1.0

FRAG Episode 2: The New Technology

This has been a long time coming and it is quite a story – but ultimately, it boils down to serious real-life issues overtaking my hobby time.

Long-time followers might notice that there is some promised content missing from Episode 2. This because some content (the Sidhe) is getting a total rework, other content became too large (the special character library) and some content wasn’t fun or just didn’t work out (army relics and the Menae army list).

There is a lot of planned content still to come so keep an eye on this site for further updates. Special thanks to everyone who contacted me during my hiatus to let me know they were enjoying my work.

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