FRAG: Shareware Edition Update

A new version of the Shareware Edition is here!


List of changes below…

Core rules
– Added the Leap trait
– Shotguns now multiply their firing rate within optimum range, rather than multiplying their hits
– Magic spells and psychic powers no longer require a Quality check. The Sorcerer trait has been removed and units with the Sorcerer trait have had their points adjusted
– Renamed the Watch action to Overwatch
– Completely rewrote the rules for Watch / Overwatch. Reacting is much clearer now, with specific examples. The changes to this rule should make play much more dynamic
Slow trait now means figures can’t attack consecutively with a slow weapon, instead of not being able to react with it.
– Items that require an action to use now require a Use Ability action, the same as spells / psychic powers.
– Numerous spelling and formatting errors fixed
– New credits section at the front, and formatting adjustments made to the start of the book
– Small story pieces added to the ends of chapters (these are still being tweaked)

Army Lists
– HUGE point cost alterations and re-balances.
– Many spells and abilities have had their rules tweaked (such as the Gateway, Void, and Entropic Vortex spells)
– Various squad sizes tweaked. Most squads now have a minimum squad size that forces their ‘naked’ cost to over 50pts
– Some stat adjustments to specific units (for example, EDF heavy troopers have a better armour stat)
– Weapon stats have been tweaked, for example some Hell weapons have lost the Slow trait
– All human armies have had weapon re-balances to be more consistent with each other
– Every weapon and attack ability in the game has had a complete points cost review
– Lost Marine and EDF Engineers now cause drones within 3″ to replace Mindless with Fearless.
– The Tech Glove now allows an engineer to Give Orders to a drone unit up to 24″ away.
Lost Battalion Specific Updates
– Replaced the Elite Guard’s temporary flight ability with the Leap trait.
– Renamed Grunt to REAPER (Rapid Engagement Anti-PErsonnel Robot), to complement the Martian Authority’s more advanced ERASER.
– Adjusted Lost army list presentation; altered formatting, added flavour text for individuals
– Added new options for HERP shoulder mounted weaponry.
– The Blast Field Cannon now costs more and can only be taken by Individuals
Soul Artifacts now require a Use Ability action to use

Probably a bunch of other changes which I forgot to write down… I got a little too into it by the end.

FRAG Fluff Pieces

I’ve been bashing out 100-300 words a night adding little fluff pieces into my rulebook. Despite endless rewrites and angst over word choice, it’s been loads of fun.

How many ways can I reference Army of Darkness and Event Horizon? Apparently lots.

But that’s the point isn’t it? If you’re making something based on 90s FPS games, then you have to reference at least Army of Darkness.

FRAG Intro

You get the phone call at 3AM. It’s not like you were planning on sleeping tonight anyway. By 5AM you’re sat in an EDF bunker trying to look attentive. The commander gives a full briefing, but you’re not interested in the fine details.

“…Intel across the world shows energy signatures perfectly matching the Unity research programme…”

Unity. A joint effort by Earth and Mars to perfect faster-than-light travel, which ended in a complete disaster. Both planets pointed fingers at the other and neither one would say what had happened to the missing stations.

“An unknown enemy is using Unity teleports to insert kill teams into Council signal stations. The hell of it is we have no idea what they even are. They’re not from Earth, but another dimension.”

It sounds unbelievable, but you’ve seen stranger things on assignment. You take another cigar and try to look like you’re paying attention.

Half an hour later you’re on a helicopter en route to one of the assaulted stations, and that’s when Armageddon happens. The radio begins to speak in tongues and light bursts from the ground far below. Something glowing and pissed-off hits the canopy and the pilot screams. Damn, these bad guys work fast.

The transport erupts into flame and tumbles out of the sky. When you regain consciousness, you can hear screams all around you. A city is burning red in the distance and it doesn’t look like there’s anyone left who can stop it.

You’ve only got a pistol but it’ll be enough.

Somebody’s gonna pay for shooting up your ride.

Above is parody of the Quake intro story that I put into the FRAG rulebook.

FRAG: Sidhe Army List Preview

I’m going to drop a link to the alpha for the Sidhe army list before I start focusing on getting it prepared for final release. The release version is going to have quite a lot of changes from the alpha.

This version of the Sidhe list has existed for a while, but I wasn’t happy with having a straight Heretic / Hexen rip off and wanted to give the Sidhe their own unique feel. They needed more depth and I wanted them to play a greater role in the FRAG universe (especially as the RPG notes have started getting bigger).

I figured that somebody might be interested in comparing the old Sidhe list with the new one that will appear in The New Technology, so I’ve decided to release this alpha list for people to enjoy and comment on.

Get the alpha list here:

FRAG: Martian Authority Army List

I have a day off so I finished writing up another FRAG army list: the Martian Authority. The only ones left are the Ebihara Group and the Sidhe (who already have a completed ‘alpha’ list, but I think it needs a lot of improvement).

The Martian Authority are flexible in how you want to portray them. Their core troopers could be fielded with literally any near-future sci-fi model, or you could give them all power armour and build them from Gates of Antares or Mantic Enforcer models (maybe I’ll finally start painting my Deadzone kickstarter).

Late Night Painting

Maybe I shouldn’t paint at midnight? I definitely shouldn’t take pictures at midnight.

These guys still need basing, obviously. One day I’m sure I’ll hold on snapping pictures till after anti-shine and basing but I just get super excited after painting.

The figures in these pictures are: (a) plastic i-Kore/VOID marines with space knight helmets from (the plastic bodies are quite low detail, if you have big money I recommend using entirely Puppets War parts) (b) a Maelstrom’s Edge Hunter robot (c) a Games Workshop Cairn Wraith and (d) a Mantic Games Strider mech.

Or in FRAG (a) Argent Knights (b) a GRUNT bot (will probably rename these to Eraser or Reaper bots) (c) a Screaming Phantasm and (d) a Mechatron (vehicle for human armies).

The rules for Argent Knights, Phantasms and Mecha are coming out in FRAG Episode 2.

Opening a Patreon and Ko-Fi


I’ve decided to open a Patreon and a Ko-fi (a tip jar, basically) for anyone that wants to support a tiny tabletop fanboy who likes writing indie wargames.

Life is tough at the moment and I don’t get enough time to do fun things as I’d like. Last year was very difficult for me with a job change and a medical assessments, so even somebody buying me the odd cup of tea would be a huge morale boost.

Everything is brand new, but lots of new content will be going up on Patreon every 48 hours. This’ll include new Army lists, some deleted content, and previews of special characters.

Ko-fi :

Patreon :