Late Night Painting

Maybe I shouldn’t paint at midnight? I definitely shouldn’t take pictures at midnight.

These guys still need basing, obviously. One day I’m sure I’ll hold on snapping pictures till after anti-shine and basing but I just get super excited after painting.

The figures in these pictures are: (a) plastic i-Kore/VOID marines with space knight helmets from (the plastic bodies are quite low detail, if you have big money I recommend using entirely Puppets War parts) (b) a Maelstrom’s Edge Hunter robot (c) a Games Workshop Cairn Wraith and (d) a Mantic Games Strider mech.

Or in FRAG (a) Argent Knights (b) a GRUNT bot (will probably rename these to Eraser or Reaper bots) (c) a Screaming Phantasm and (d) a Mechatron (vehicle for human armies).

The rules for Argent Knights, Phantasms and Mecha are coming out in FRAG Episode 2.


I said I’d release something so here’s the first public alpha of FRAG.

FRAG is a really fast and simple tabletop game where small squads beat the hell out of each other in a video-game inspired universe. There’s plenty of silly references and it’s just been a huge amount of fun working on this.

FRAG:SHAREWARE EDITION is a fifty-five page rulebook containing 15 pages of core rules and the rest being split across the five major factions.

The SHAREWARE EDITION is my ‘fun hobby project’, intended as a free release by an FPS fanboy who wants his work to be enjoyed by fellow enthusiasts. This public release is the first step to fleshing out this love-letter wargame.

I expect these rules to change quite a lot based on feedback. Points values especially are not final and some of the major factions will get expanded on later.

There’s lots of new content coming in the future too, with EPISODE 2: THE NEW TECHNOLOGY has vehicles, new units, relics, four new factions and a ridiculously huge amount of special characters. Most of these are at a near-finished state, with just a few missing (relics, unit profiles for specific vehicles, and the Martian army list).

So have fun everyone!

FRAG: More Design Work


There are so many factors to consider. This battle is far from over.

I’ve been playing around with GIMP and Word a lot today. Having a good looking title on your front cover is so important. It’s the first thing players will see, and it will make an impression (good or bad) every time it’s pulled from a book shelf.

I’m starting to think it’d be a good idea to raise some money for original artwork.

FRAG: Some Graphic Design

@vonuberwald has been helping me design logos and covers for FRAG, the retro FPS tabletop battle game.


The game studio logo by @vonuberwald.


A first mock-up of the front cover. God, did I really write ‘twitch gaming’?

Please note that the artwork above is a place holder I found on Google Image search. I have no idea who drew that picture but I love them to bits. I’ll be looking for an illustrator able to do a similiar colour cover picture at some future point.

The same cover with some WIP logo text by @vonuberwald

Below are some more pictures from the FRAG rule book. None of the artwork is official, all of it dates back to when I wanted to make my home brew look nice for my friends.[[MORE]]


Some of the text is still being gone over, as the story has been altered quite heavily since the first draft (i.e, it’s actually a setting now, not just some text blurbs to give me excuse for me to bang converted miniatures together).