FRAG: The New Order Lore

I wrote some new fluff for FRAG’s evil human faction.

The New Order
The accessible dimensions are strange and varied places. Rarely, Humans or human-like creatures may live in these dimensions but their societies are alien to the inhabitants of Earth. Colonial scientists believed that there simply were no ‘alternate Earths’. This changed after the discovery of the New Order during the Battle of New Angeles.

When they were first encountered the New Order were believed to be a militant cult taking advantage of Hell’s invasion. The truth was far more sinister. In reality the New Order were humans from an alternate Earth, newly arrived with the goal of subverting and eventually conquering the Earth government.

Little information about the New Order is known for sure. They are believed to come from a parallel Earth where the Second World War was won by an alternate incarnation of the Axis Powers called the European Triad. In this timeline the Triad achieved total dominance using mysterious technological and occult methods. Following on from their total victory over the Allies, the European Triad became the New Order and began to explore alternate dimensions through a mysterious technique involving “the Dark Sun”.

The Dark War
Unlike all other dimensions visited, current information about the New Order’s home world suggests that it is a true ‘alternate Earth’. Investigators have yet to identify a point of divergence, but by the early 1940s the world had started to majorly diverge. An alternate version of the Axis Powers, composed of Germany, Italy, and Spain, uncovered a cache of ultra-technological weaponry and used it to conquer the world. The circumstances surrounding this discovery are shrouded in mystery, even to members of the New Order.

It’s possible that variations in the timeline may stretch much further back than initially believed, with alternate rulers and ancient orders of warlocks hinted at by captured New Order operatives, but the Earth Defence Force does not possess the technology needed to infiltrate the New Order’s home world yet.

Like Hell itself, time appears to flow differently in the New Order’s home dimension. In their universe, the year is believed to be some time in the mid to late 20th century.

Get Psyched
Members of the Lost Battalion first encountered the New Order during the Battle of New Angeles. The Order had attacked several Earth Defence Force positions, but was wiped out by a counter attack by the Lost Battalion’s marines. While the Lost had little interest in searching the ruined outpost, EDF investigators arriving after the battle were able to piece together some information about the inter-dimensional interlopers.

Since then, the Earth Defence Force and the New Order have clashed a few times. The current goal of the Order appears to be theft – they hope to steal the secrets of Earth’s interstellar flight and demonic research. They also have an interest in the mystical, and target arcane dimensions as well.

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